Sunday, January 27, 2008

Twenty-Nine Months Old - Newsletter

Dear Liang-Liang and Can-Can,

Today you are 29-months old...just shy of being 2.5 year olds. So for how long will I be able to call you my babies instead of my toddlers? Yep, that's what I'll always be my babies. And, anyway, technically are still so very little. You are both now just a whopping 24 pounds and 33 inches two little midgets. I can still haul you both in my arms at the same time

What's the big notable mark this past month? Well, without a doubt it's that your language skills have quadrupled!! You guys are chattering a mile a the outside world a lot of what you say is garble-ly-gook but we mostly understand it. You're both stringing multiple words together, you're playing around with verbs and nouns and it's just so cute. I gotta tell you that I'm relieved. We actually called in a speech therapist to come and observe you during playschool and then to conduct one-on-one interviews with each of you. The news was good.....nothing to worry about for 29 month olds and especially nothing to worry about for toddlers who spent their first 15 months in China in an institution!

The other notable mark I've observed is your concentration skills. You both can sit at your little art table and draw and color and do all sort of crafts for a solid 60 minutes. Wow. That's impressive. Now, I know I'm a nut about buying all sorts of age-appropriate crafts stuff (yes, my kitchen is an off-shoot of the kid-aisle at Michael's Arts&Crafts store) so you do get a lot of "new" things to explore with but hour and a half is incredible for tots your age.'s what I've noted with you. Your sense of humor grows more sophisticated every day. You're the one that checks out what's happening around you...constantly...and if you think a good hearty laugh or sense of cheer needs to be interjected into the situation, well, you're right on it. You'll run to put the 5 hats on your head to cheer up Nicki or you'll run over to Mommy or Daddy and make silly faces to put a smile on our face. Yep, your empathy and sense of your surroundings is impressive.

Nicki, you've become more of the Mommy-cling-y girl this last month and that is quite okay. I travelled quite a lot in Dec and Jan and when I was in Europe for more than a week this month, I think it was pretty tough on you....and that really touches my heart. You've started to wake-up around midnight every night and you cry for me, repeatedly....for at least a few hours. I think we're averaging me coming to comfort you at least 9-10 times in the middle of the night. I'm trying to give you extra attention and extra TLC 'cause I know my business travel seemed to make you a bit anxious. It's all okay, little one.

Now,'s what we've enjoyed more than joy itself.....It's that you guys play so so so very well together. It's just magic. For hours and hours you play and giggle and hang and scheme-and-plot and run and dance .....and.....and you're both so inseparable. You've exceeded my dream...of what it would be like to have twins. Nothing...and I mean better to me that to hear you two giggle....just peals and peals and peals of giggles most of the day. Thank you, girls, for that gift. In fact, I'm sitting down here in my favorite chair and listening to you two giggle and play up in the playroom...chatting and laughing with your wisp-y voices. Ah, does it get better??

Happy Twenty-Nine Months Old, my dear Liang-Liang and Can-Can. Mommy loves you so very much. Life is sweet. I just simply couldn't imagine life without you now.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just When You Think It's Safe.....

Was home for the day for MLK school holiday and trying hard to keep the girls happy and busy so I could sneak in as much work as possible as, of course, I have a big work deadline looming. Do you know how hard it is to work with two two-year monkeys underfoot? Um, yep, not gonna happen. I just turned to my email for a few secs....was typing away and saying 'hmmm.mmmmm" as they chattered to me but I wasn't looking down....Here's what Nicki was happily doing to Sammi.....
So...I gave up the work, bundled them up and took them outside in the frigid NC morning (less than 20 degrees...what's up with THAT?!). They are posing with Miss Bunny, a very important family member who's been with our family for more than 20 years...Miss Bunny lives up the long walk towards our front door and we try to go by and visit her at least once a day...

Oh are so.cute.
And, now back inside...playing one of their fav games.....clomping around in Mommy's clod's.....
More pics and posts and monthly letter to the girls to come this weekend...

Hugs to All! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Um...well, you see, it's Annie's fault. It's Annie's fault that I have not blogged since Thanksgiving. You remember Chef Annie. She was our family chef extraordinaire. She came in once a week and prepared our dinner meals and sometimes lunch meals and then when the timing worked out, Annie helped with our entertaining parties. In essence, she rocked. Until she left. Right before the holidays. Right around the time I had just wrapped-up on that insane international travel-for-weeks-on-end travel. Annie left to seek her other non-chef profession world. So I tried and pretty-much failed miserably to keep my family's nutritional intake at the quality I require and also keep our family life sane at the same time. I managed to keep us nutritionally sound but at a large cost....large cost on the ol' sanity work/home life balance thing. And the ol' pocketbook. Do you have any idea how much it costs to buy last-minute prepared meals at Fresh Market on a daily basis? Yes, a lot. So.....I did what any other self-respecting adult woman in her mid-40s who has two-year old toddler twins and a job that requires a lot of attention and time (which, by the way, I totally love and rock at......) I begged. I implored and pleaded and begged....and won. Annie came back to us. She is here. Now. This minute. Downstairs cooking up a storm. All our meals for a week. I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow night for a full week and my family will be nutritionally sound...because Annie came back. Thank you, Universe Gods.

So, now to why you really came over to my Lots of pics since T-Giving. Christmas was awesome, words don't describe the indescribable joy that we felt thru the holidays, post-Christmas was great....everything really really good this year for hols.....the pictures say it all......(now I'll stop rambling...).



Sammi and Ed's hand...

I sure miss everyone. Can't wait to start reading-up on all the blogs I've been missing.....

Love and Hugs,