Wednesday, January 5, 2011

50th Birthday Bash – Surprise Party AND Opera Weekend in Manhattan!

I turned 50 at the end of October and it was one of the best times I have ever had. The week before my birthday, Ed surprised me with a day at the spa with Jeanette but as we were spa-ing it up all day, Ed and tons of friends and family were busy back at the home front preparing the best surprise party ever. It was quite a large event, he had an oyster roast/seafood dinner catered by a terrific local restaurant and a great time was had by all. And, the Uncles Lloyd and Josh plus Liz travelled down from PA (big road trip!!) to join us. Oh, every time I turned somewhere in the house, I was surprised by yet one more set of friends and family. Ed really pulled it off as I did not have even the slightest idea (not even an iota) that he had been planning this gala for months.

Then, the surprises just continued because towards the end of the evening, he gathered everyone around and presented to me airline tickets to NYC for the following weekend plus the best seats (the ultimate very best….) in the house at the Metropolitan Opera House to see “Il Travatore” (I greatly appreciate opera)…..Oh, and did I mention we stayed in a suite at the Waldorf Astoria and Ed hired a photographer to capture some good pictures and video prior to us going to the opera…..Oh…and….I was “forced” to go out and buy a lovely gown for our opera evening…..Oh, and we had incredible reservations at two highly rated restaurants in the City thanks to recommendations from Jeannette. Oh…and Ed arranged limos for practically all our big outings….and…of course…..our friends took care of the girls all weekend….

That is a lot of “Ohs”, isn’t it? (Have I ever mentioned how much Ed rocks…?)

I have a ton of pictures in this post. The first set of pictures are from the Surprise Party and weekend and then the second set are from our “ooh-la-la” Dream Weekend in Manhattan.

So as I was saying, Jeanette and I were at the spa all afternoon and we headed back to my house where I thought that Ed and George were hanging out watching a game and waiting for us to come over to pick them up for dinner. Jeanette and I were in separate cars as we had met each other at the spa earlier in the afternoon. Unbeknownst to me, she was busy on her cell phone the entire commute back to my house to ensure everyone was in place before we arrived…..

When Jeanette and I entered through the house via the garage-kitchen door hallway, she stopped in her tracks for me to enter my house first. I was a little 'perplexed’ that she insisted on me going into the house first as it was just ‘strange’ and…actually… it was a little annoying as she was being so stubborn about it….but I surely did not expect anything was “off” other than Jeanette behaving a little ‘funny’. When I walked in the door, I expected to see Ed and George slouched on the couch watching the game but instead….as you see on my expression… was quite the surprise! Colleen was right there on the spot with the camera to catch my first expressions!
All my great friends were there but I have to say that the Pittsburgh crew really surprised me….Lloyd, Josh, and Liz….
Had some folks from work (Sarah, Toby below + Jeanette) and of course Colleen and family were all there….
We then had a great follow-up day with Lloyd, Josh, and Liz in town….

Ed is quite debonair in his tuxedo, don’t you think…..?

How Ed managed to pull off every single (and I do mean every.single) tiny and minute detail of this entire experience that lasted over a week but took him months to work-out is simply a testament to how he just “is”…..

Also, many many (many) thanks to Jeanette and George and John and Colleen and Kelse and Jess for all their involvement and for taking care of the girls.....And, sure do appreciate Josh, Lloyd, and Liz coming down on their road-trip....

May I please turn 50 once again?

Ed, you so very much so Rock.