Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will Be Back Very Soon...

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note letting everyone know (thanks for all your kind emails!!) that we're all doing just fine. I am completely subsumed by work these days as we're in the process of deploying a huge global system....Don't give up on me and my blog and please keep checking back here every so often...

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend Wedding

Dear Karen and Pete,
Thank you for bestowing on us the honor of having our daughters be the flower girls in your wedding. Wow, what an incredible weekend! Thanks for your love and your humor and your patience with our two little 23-month year olds. Thanks for laughing at the stories Ed and I told at your Rehearsal Dinner party (ha-ha, like you really had a choice there! :)....). Thanks for your gifts and your generosity. It was a classy and beautiful and magical weekend and we are so thrilled to have been a part of it.

Dear Kelsey and Jessie,
Thank you so much for helping us take care of and chase and play and manage our twirling, swirling, cream-puffy-looking wild-and-wacky toddler twins. Wow, what a great time we had with you two and how very (very!) impressed we are with what a terrific job you did. It's not so easy taking care of our girls and keeping them happy and clean and entertained and clean and did I already say "clean" and ready for their big part. You two rock!

So, now for some terrific pictures. I haven't yet loaded the pics from the rehearsal dinner, but here are some great wedding day scenes....
Bride and Groom, Karen and Pete:

Karen really did look beautiful....

Just inserting in a pic of me and Sammi..um, I mean Nicki...um, um....yep, this is Nicki...right, Ed?. As you can tell, we never EVER dress them alike so when they had on the exact same flower girl dress all day long and the one single different freckle that Sammi has wasn't so visible..then things just get kinda crazy..... (although, honestly, I'm really sure that this is Nicki....)

Jeannette and George....(what a beautiful couple!!)
And the maid of honor, sister Amy and Jeannette

And here's handsome Ed with Amy....
Here's Adam, Karen's brother. Wow, Adam, when did you get to be such a handsome young man? I remember when you were three years old playing on my front porch and peering through our front windows....and I remember (so fondly) when you and Ame used to come knocking on our door looking for the popsicles we always had on hand for you guys......jeez, now look at you!! :)

Next is Julie, George's mom...(sure was great catching-up with Julie....)
Amy, Karen, and Maria...

Sammi and me playing in the church nursery...oh, what a great room that was!

Parting shot of George and Karen in their big dance. George, you did really well and your arm was definitely not too high! (Good job!).
More pics and stories to come in Wedding Part II...I just wanted to get a few pics out before my weekend get-away with Rony and all the twins. (oh gosh, it's just the day after tomorrow, Rony....)
Colleen, I really do have some great shots of Kelsey and Jessie at the wedding and more pics and stories of our fun at the beach.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Misc Stuff

Hi All. Been kinda MIA lately as I have been out-of-town to Europe on a business trip. Just returned yesterday, but now we're all going back out-of-town to a wedding....for which the twins are flower girls...It's gonna be a blast as it is one one of our best friends' daughter who is geting married. I can't wait.

Then.....the next weekend, Rony and I and both our set of twins are headed to King's Dominion Park to hang out for the weekend. Oh goodness, that's gonna be SO fricking' fun.
Finally, Here's just some misc pics....some funny....some pretty darn cute (no bias here, of course!) I have missed everyone....just been on the "consumed by work stuff" lately.......
I swear ! only turned my back for a second....look how quickly chaos reigns....Anyone else have that...um...challenge? :) It is all child-proof so no worries there...it's just that fact that the insta-chaos happens so...um....instantly....! :)