Sunday, May 5, 2013

I want green hair, too

Yep, I always thought it would be pretty darn cool to just walk into the office one day with green hair. But I’ve not done so…though fun to think about it.

The girls did not have to give me a hard-sell for me to allow this but…..word.of.caution….it is messy and sticky. Price of fashion, I guess.

Sammi Dyed HairIMG_0018SammiNickiDyed Hair April 2013_edited-1

Uh huh – they are saying “Oohh….we got Mom to let us do this!”.



American Girls and their American Girl Dolls

No better way to launch into springtime blogging than to show springtime girls and their dolls. My quartet of models gave me some fine poses. Down below are Nicki, Sammi, then Kendall and Rachel. The four girls are such nice friends. We all live within a couple of blocks of each other and it is atypical when the girls don’t connect at least once/week or so. I sure enjoy having the little girls about….

All Girls IMG_0160Kendalli 2013 April AmerGirlDay1_edited-1Rachel Lee April 2013 AmerGirlDay2Sammi IMG_0193Sammi IMG_0106Rachel April 2013IMG_0071Nicki IMG_0122



They all make you smile, don’t they!