Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Good Times

Happy Holidays!

You know how we've been sharing our Thanksgiving holidays with our oldest and dearest friends every year since the early 90s (yep, more than 20 years)? Remember.... we swap out hosting honors (pretty much between Thanksgiving and Easter?) Then, about ten years or so ago, the Ms started to join our mix.....And, then, this year we had the incredible pleasure of having the Ks (except, Amy...we missed you Ame!!), another treasured family that we've also known for a couple of decades plus, join in the craziness. We were surrounded by old and dear friends (and all the growing-up/grown-up 'kids' plus one baby). To top it all off, we had a delightful new friend, Daniel, from Italy, join us for his first American Thanksgiving. (We hope you want to come back next year, Daniel!)

Really....just re-read that paragraph above.  It totally rocks having all of us together.

Below are The Girls.....Sammi, Maddie, Kelse, Sammi, Jessie. (note to self....would it not be cool for me to dig out all the pics I have of 'The Girls' and post.........ok, going on my list. :) )

And this year, we have Adam joining The Girls.... :)

I'll leave us with an action shot. Sammi found a kindred spirit in Daniel. Daniel, she is now insisting on showing all the soccer moves you taught her!

Hugs All,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Like sand, right?

It's like sand, right? Or... like a flash.....Maybe, if you're's an etching. Etchings are good. Sand is not. It's really why the blog draws me back as it's my one little tiny (teeny-tiny) effort ( grasp...) to catch and record and preserve...and remember.....and, of course, treasure....that sand that I really (really really) want to be an etching. You know what I mean...? It's elusive...the memory's elusive and it takes me aback and sometimes it downright (really...I mean it) stops me in my tracks. I want to remember it...all of it goes by in a flash. All-of-it..... both totally rock. Totally rock and you totally light up my life. It is wonderful.