Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue-Jean Girls

The girls attend drama school for about 3 weeks every 9 weeks or so during their Track Out periods. At the camp, the children (aged 3 to 14 with most children around first grade to fifth grade) learn all aspects of drama and production such as set-building, script-writing, direction, filming, lights, stage work, and of course, acting. It is rather impressive. Then, each Friday, the  company puts on a weekly play that lasts about 20 or so mins with 8-12 or so kids. It's great fun. We initially enrolled them when they just turned four as they were so shy…so very very timid. Our hope was that acting would allow them to gain confidence in speaking and interacting with others. Well, I am happy to report that they are thriving at the drama school and in fact just played two key roles in last week’s production. They both now are assigned complex lines, they have to sing and dance about and……the best part, of course….is that they just love it. They talk about their beloved drama school all the time. Ed and I get the biggest kick out of watching the productions. The school hires professional actors and artists to work with the kids so it’s all so top-notch and well-done.
I think the drama and productions are spurring them on to constantly bombard me to film or shoot them as they bounce around the house and yard creating their own little plays. And, I am highly encouraging and inciting them on as it is so fun for me to watch them love doing what they love to do.... :)

As a side note, I highly recommend any parent to think about drama school activities (as long as you can find a theater company with a good reputation) if you have an unusually timid child and you are looking for something to help build their confidence. We are fortunate as the drama school the girls attend is actually affiliated with a very reputable city sponsored Theater organization that has been in our area for almost 100 years and is quite well-established so we feel great about their involvement in this troop.

Below, they both wanted to dress up as blue-jean girls and pretend they were getting ready to perform at a Bruce Springsteen concert. (are you surprised to hear that Ed is from Pittsburgh and we listen to Bruuuce all the time…?). 
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Happy Dancing to You, Too. !!!

First Day of First Grade

In our area, we have some schools that operate on a  ‘year-round’ schedule and we love it! We’re on Track 2 (there are four tracks) and the children attend for approximately 9 weeks then they are out for 3 weeks. Multiple tracks are staggered and it works out so that the schools are operational all year long and…so much better….the children don’t ‘waste’ the first 6 weeks of the traditional school year relearning what they forgot during the 3-month summer block. Plus, the girls attend Track-Out camp (mostly) during the 3 week hiatus and get to go to all sorts of fun programs though by far their favorite camp it a drama school.
Sammi and Nicki returned back to school a few weeks ago but the pics below are from their very first day of First Grade.
Sammi  in the red stripes; Sammi in blue….
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Hope you continue loving first grade, Little Ones!