Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Catch-Up Time....1 of....lots

Hello Hello Everyone!

Oooff, I know it's been quite a long time since coming here (and blogging on to others...)....Actually it's been more than 2 months to be precise. But...I sure do miss everyone.....

So, why the MIA? Well, lots of reasons but all just fine stuff (thanks for the many-many-many emails I've received checking to be sure all is ok....yep, all is very well....). What I have been up to is..

  1. AWESOME trip to Chicago in August for our Holt Adoption Group Reunion (yep, lots of phenom pics to blog there.....)
  2. Path to the election obsession....too many papers...too much involvement in political blogs...just overload...glad the election is over!
  3. FANTASTIC trip to the Outer Banks with some of our dearest and oldest friends in our lives + our very dear new friends, too, like Rony and her family (yep, lots & lots & lots of pics to blog there.....)
  4. Lots of international travel (nope, nothin' to even consider blogging there unless someone wants to see what the insides of boardrooms look like when we gruel out our 18-hr business travel is so-not-glam)
  5. Fun (really fun round of parties in our social circle lately...oh my...just a spate of fun stuff...kinda funny but practically one a week for 2 months now...)
  6. I've institued a very very important First Friday of Each Month Girls-Night-Out affair.....very big deal...
  7. Awesome mountain cabin the lovely mountains of NC (yep, lots of pics to blog there)

And, interspersed there one weekend, we had Jessie come hang out with me and the girls while Ed, somewhere...forgot where...and we had the best girls-weekend....!

So...more coming very soon.....But first...before I even blog more, I'm off to VISIT some blogs I've not visited in months!!

Oh, blogger friends, I've missed you!!