Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Ah...been such a good long time since I've posted but....I sure do have some good pictures. Life has been good -- busy but good. I'm hoping I'll be able to get into the swing of "blogville" before the holidays descend upon us.

Sammi and Nicki (and Ed and I) are all doing simply wonderfully. Life is very (very) good. The girls are 4 yrs old now and are truly thriving. I love this age...perhaps even best of all so we just have It's all about girly-girl princess stuff these days and sugar-and-spice-and-all things cute that go right along with....

[Note: Did I ever share with you all how GLAD I am that I just have girls? How much I wanted girls and (nothing against boys but....) how boys would simply bewilder me and how this is what I really always dreamed about (i mean the sugar-and-spice-stuff...) and what I wanted in my heart-of-heart-of-hearts....? Well, it's all good....let me just tell you -- it is all.good.]

So, they're looking pretty darn happy, aren't they? (Nicki in purple...)

Ed in the middle..Nicki in light pink/Sammi in the darker pink...Buddy Dog in "black, white, and tan..." LOL

Here's Nicki in the next two....

And here's my Sammi....

Surely this will get me into the swing of things.....Posting these great pics and going out and catching-up a bit....Send me a note...I sure would love to hear from you all.