Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

I came across a couple of old favorite pics....First one is well...you know, right outside the White Swan in China....

This second one is here with our "first" child, Buddy

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Of Tutus, Twirls, and Twin-kies....and Waiting...

You see, I always thought I'd have little girls when I was in my early 30s and I'm now in my way-late 40's so that's about 15+ years of waiting..give or take a few. What is it that I've been waiting for? Tutus and Ballet Lessons. You guys know this 'cause I say it all-the-time but by-golly, I sure do love being immersed in all this cute little girl stuff and I think ballet lessons and tutus and tights and twirls is way up on that spectrum, isn't it?

The girls started taking ballet a few weeks ago and they simply love it. Almost every morning, they wake up and say "Mommy, is it ballerina school day?" And, every evening after school, they both can't wait to either put on their princess dresses or their ballet outfits....


Ahh...all such good stuff....


Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretend this is dated on Feb 1st

Ok...I will be posting a picture every day this month.....so...pretend that this is posted on Feb 1st..... ;-)

FirstFebWeekend2009 139

FirstFebWeekend2009 132

SuperBowl Food and Fun...


Whew, thank goodness for the Steelers win last night. Would not have been that much fun if #10 didn't make that fantastic catch at the very last minute...(well, last 2 mins...). We had a fun evening.....the Ks, the McCraes, the Schmitz came over for SuperBowl Sunday. Ah...so much food...

Look at this...to be so young....Pretty good picture of Adam and his friend, Samantha, don't you think? :)

Here's Deb and J...

Don't know if you can see, but there really was SO MUCH food. My favorite.....Bob's spicy shrimp...there's Bob in the background...Darn, the only picture I got of him....

J and me and the girls...

Col and Sammi

And then, the girls of course. Not a great picture but still pretty cute. Gosh, they love their princess dresses!!
FirstFebWeekend2009 029