Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dog Days Summer

Summer heat….summer time-off…..summer schedule….We’ve been non-stop since last post and all good except the 101 degree actual temperature with 109 heat index. Good grief, I’m from South Florida but i never ever-I-assure-you experienced this kind of oppressive heat before.  Ed and I are convinced it’s due to the take-over of concrete in our state  on top of what our dear Mr. Gore has to say…..

Ah well, what do you do but stay cool. We’ve been trying to do that with our annual vacation retreat to the PA mountains (pictures to be posted at some point) and water-water-water stuff…..Remember the days of running through the sprinklers and playing on slippy-slides…..? :)

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Serious Sammi…..

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Thanks for stopping by……PA friends and family, posting to come this week from our vacation…