Saturday, November 8, 2014

Like sand, right?

It's like sand, right? Or... like a flash.....Maybe, if you're's an etching. Etchings are good. Sand is not. It's really why the blog draws me back as it's my one little tiny (teeny-tiny) effort ( grasp...) to catch and record and preserve...and remember.....and, of course, treasure....that sand that I really (really really) want to be an etching. You know what I mean...? It's elusive...the memory's elusive and it takes me aback and sometimes it downright (really...I mean it) stops me in my tracks. I want to remember it...all of it goes by in a flash. All-of-it..... both totally rock. Totally rock and you totally light up my life. It is wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and look so happy. hank you for sharing the photos.