Sunday, May 6, 2007

Syrup-Hair Baby (or why we had to go to the nursery on Sunday....)

I know there are a lot of stories out there (and really funny stories...) about how the day never just quite went the way you wanted it to b/c the baby(s) got into the house paint or clogged-up the toilet or put vasoline in all their shoes or dug-up the house plant and then ate the dirt or or or...(see, I, too, have been around the block...).

No, this was simpler but still a pain in the...and it's all Colleen's fault. My girls were happily eating waffles with syrup and I was happily talking to Col on the phone. And because she was telling me a good story, I did not realize I left the Aunt Jemima syrup on the table next to Sammi...again, Col's fault, not mine. So I also did not realize that Sammi was proceeding to dump half the contents of syrup on her hair..and the high-chair..and the back of the dog's back..and the plant...and the space between the sliding glass door and the screen door...and, oh my gosh--who's know's where else.

No, Ed, I did not get my mailbox island planted with all the really cool perennials b/c we never got to the nursery b/c the dog has syrup on his back that Nicki is trying valiantly--and succeeding... to lick off.....So, don't ask me again why we have to go together to the nursery on Sunday...."


crazylady said...

Oh gee, that just can't be good. That will require a couple washings at least. Right up there with Vaseline, which I have discovered takes at least 3 washings to remove.
:o) Always something to keep you moving!
Sen. said...

Dang. Some days are just a little harder than others. Just when I think I have it figured out they go and do something that makes me go "whoa".