Monday, November 12, 2007

To Ed -- the ROCK who rocks!!

Well, I knew the last two months at work would be tough...and it has been....but it's been okay and I'm almost through with the "big-push". For those that remember, I've been totally absorbed in implementing a new global system at work....and I've been on-the-road practically non-stop for about 8 weeks....Been across Europe numerous times, been down to South America, and been all over the US implementing and training and troubleshooting. But now I have just two more easy-peasy US-based trips to go and the light is at the end-of-the-tunnel. Hip Hip Hooray. It's not been so gosh-awful, either, because of one and only one reason which would be...Ed. This post is so dedicated to Ed. He's come a long-way, baby, in just a mere 12 months. He held down the fort pretty-much solo, he kept everyone happy and healthy, he is a constant non-stop positive force as I travel to all sorts of crazy places and he is, well....he's the Rock. The girls are, the girls are GREAT.

We've all kinda turned the corner in the last few months and on top of me being so mostly gone, Ed's kept the positive momentum not only going but darn-right thriving. Folks, this is a manly-man kinda "guy-who-grew-up-in-steel-town-Pittsburgh" Polish fella who didn't have the slightest idea how to change a diaper or deal with a tantrum or sing a lullaby or convince a toddler (um, two toddlers...) to eat healthily and play nice...he didn't have a KA-LUE. And now, he's just all over it......all of it...especially the lullabys and the toddler-chat. I heard him chatting with them just tonight as he was giving them a bath--he just keeps the cutest running commentary going and doesn't even blink at it.....Ed--YOU SO ROCK, sweetheart.

So, enough said.....just take a look at these pictures 'cause it says it all. Nicki is the one leaned-back in so much laughter....honestly, how does it get better than this? A knock-out husband and twin daugthers that are overbrimming with giggles....

Here's to you, Ed! THANKS!!! :)

9 comments: said...

Oh, man girl I could just hear you gushing with pride reading this one. Yes, your super hot, super sweet, super duper guys guy does not only win points but he oh so rocks! He is amazing. A natural. The girls are simply gorgeous. No, they are the damn cutest of cuties. You too my friend are so awesome. I don't know how you have survived the past several weeks. I know I feel as if I've been hanging on by a thread. I'm so honored to call you my friend!! I will call you tomorrow and let's plan on hooking up after Christmas... Miss you pretty lady. Miss you more than you know.....hugs and big fat kisses. Ed too....:)

D said...

Amazing. I am so in awe. I'm worried when I'm alone with the girls for a few days. Two months? Oh-oh.

Congrats to both of you :-)

Truly Blessed said...

Yeah, I saw this post coming when I first spied your wonderful hubby, juggling two strollers at the elevator bank at the White Swan. He was doing such a great job even then (what, three...four days after getting the girls?), and when I asked, he said he was taking the girls to breakfast SOLO so their Mom could have a few minutes alone.

Holy Cow -- your man rocks!

So glad to hear (and see) that things are getting back to "normal". Love the pictures of your beautiful family.

Hi to Ed, from the family.

Heather said...

Ahhhh! This is my favorite post, ever! I can so relate to this post Cindy, in soooo maaaaany ways. But you've got it in extreme with the travelling-all-over-the-world-gig. People just don't get it... how *amazing* an egalitarian relationship can be!! Your post is awesome and inspiring. Thanks for writing it!

Beverly said...

Sweet post. Cute pictures.


Holly said...

Grat post. Loved the pics.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like he is doing just great...
Love the pictures..
The girls are sooo adorable.. they look like HUGE belly laughs..
Glad you are almost done with your traveling..I am sure the girls miss MOMMY..

K1 said...

kudos to Ed.

Your job sounds much more suited to a single, childless person what with all the travel and time away from home.

Can I have it? I have NO clue what you do, but I'd LOVE to travel on someone else's expense account.

Anonymous said...

Hi, You have an awesome blog! My wife and I are Chinese-American, and we are expecting identical twin girls. We can't wait!

Take Care,