Sunday, May 4, 2008

Screen Deck is coming together...yay!!

Hi All.

Have been away for a bit as have been travelling over in Europe for a series of meetings and to hold some training sessions. I actually had a very successful know how you know when you're kinda in the groove/"in the zone" at times....?.....Well, that's been me lately at work and I'll go even so far as to say I've been having a good bit of fun, too. I think when you do well, it's fun and I think when it's fun, you do well.

Back on the homefront, Ed's having his own quite successful endeavors in that he is in the "short rows" for the completion of this screen-deck. Hmm....I should write up a post that shows the step-by-step pics of the screen deck being born.... The thing about Ed's stuff (and he is a phenom carpenter.....quite talented....he rocks at it. I saw him once design a beautiful mahogany desk and shelves on the back of a napkin...I was there!!...and 6 mons later it was built and it is truly gorgeous....) is that when he builds something, it's here to last through to the next century AND (hopefully) to survive the occasional 75 mph winds and hurricane-effects we sometimes get in this part of the country.....

Here's a few more of pics of Sammi and Nicki playing around the deck while Ed is putting up the screens.

We're in the process of looking for deck furniture now.....what a fun task.....and I'm in charge of the overall "look-and-feel" of the outside room....a job I'm truly relishing. I want it to have a feeling of a retreat...kinda like a spa-y sort of feeling. (you should see Col's porch and deck...truly lovely....I just want to be like Colleen...!) I'd like to have a fountain somewhere in the room, and lots of ferns and dark leafy plants...and we're in the middle of completing re-sodding the ENTIRE yard (yay!) with the zoysia seed that is meant to be a bit more environmentally friendly and more drought-tolerant than other varieties typically used in our growing zone. So, in a couple of weeks the sod-guys come in and they'll also fix up my planting beds along our new deck. I am planning to plant as many gardenia plants as Ed will let me get away with...ah....smells so good. We also are preparing a bed/nook for a honeysuckle vine right next to our screen. So....hopefully....this screen deck really will feel like a bit of a "retreat" by the time I get it all put together.
Hey, please come by and see us on our deck. I'll serve you a fine glass of wine and and assortment of my yummy appetizers.....:)


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

DH did a Great Job... Can't wait to see it finished..
LOVE the pictures of the girls.. they are sooo adorable..
Have a Great Week..
I wish I could come over and have a glass of wine with you...

Truly Blessed said...

Great job, Ed!

If we are ever in your neck of the woods, we will DEFINITELY drop by for a glass of wine and appetizers...

It's looking good for a get-together in August, we'll likely travel in June!

Rony said...

We will be there this summer! The deck looks great.

Rony said...

My dear friend.... are we destined to only leave voice messages for one another?! I miss you... When can we catch up? I have stuff to talk to you about. Plus, I miss you!