Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Hangin'

The girls now have a ritual of taking their National Geographic magazines (thanks, Aunt Regina...very cool Christmas gift!!!) and scurrying off to their "secret" fort or their playhouse to read to each other....They don't want me around..."No Mommy, it's our 'madazeene"...

Here's Nicki reading to Sammi....

And Nicki on the ladder...

Getting ready for our neighborhood stroll over to Pat and Tracy's and then to Kathy's mailbox and then to Deborah's mailbox (our regular stops) with the CareBears...

After naptime snacks.....anything with dip is a hit...

I just really like this shot with Sammi and Ed.

And fairy's all about fairies and ponies and princesses...Have to admit that I find it all very very cute. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had boys...I never (truly) pined for boys either...But girls...well girls just rock, don't they....It's hard to get too-cute for me...I really do enjoy it!! :)



Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

The girls are sooooo CUTE..
I love seeing their smiling faces..
Love the magazine..what a great idea..
Love the little fairy wings..
Have a great Week..

Meaklims said...

I was told by another Yangdong mommy that my Lilah looked like your girls, and to check out your blog, so here I am!

Your girls are absolutely fabulously beautiful! You are so richly blessed to have two! very precious. Thanks for sharing your stories and blogs!

We have just been home from China a little over 2 weeks now and we're loving every minute of being parents to our little 19 month old Lilah (Tong-Tong).

God bless your little family.
Jill (Colin & Lilah) xx

Truly Blessed! said...

Love the magazine readers in your household (we have a "mazagine" reader in our house!). Keep up the reading, any type, any subject!

As for the fairy wings and princess dresses, I'm loving the same thing with my little princesses. But if you had had a boy (or two) you'd enjoy trucks and balls and monsters and loud noises -- and revel in every minute of it!

It's so much fun to have both in our house -- you'd have fun with a little guy running around your house, terrorizing (and idolizing) his big sisters...!

So glad you caught up with Jill (mom to Lilah)...what a lovely family they have.

Dianne said...

Great pictures! Boys are a lot of fun too, my girls think their brothers are the best and love hanging out with them, ya- it gets loud at times, but always fun.
Of course there's nothing like fairies and princesses, we are so blessed to have daughters!
Such cute readers!

insanemommy said...

I love the boots! Where in the world did Ed find them? The boy has good taste... but we knew that. :) The girls are cuter than ever. I can just hear them giggling and laughing.