Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Monthly Project

Rules are simple – one picture a month where both girls are in the photo. The easy part was finding a picture a month – the hard part was finding my favorite one or… that especially picks up on the spirit of the season.

Enjoy. This has been a labor of love for sure….!


October 2006 taken in China before Gotcha Day. All pictures thereafter taken by Cindy. Hover over the picture for the date.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         MP_2007_1MyLittleGirls_Dec06MP_2007_3MP_2007_4greatMP_2007_6MP_2007_7MP_2007_8 (649x400) (2)MP_2007_9MP_2007_10MP_2007_11MP_2007_12MP_2008_1MP_2008_2MP_2008_3MP_2008_4MP_2008_5MP_2008_6MP_2008_7MP_2008_8MP_2008_9excellent sisters blogMP_2008_11MP_2008_12MP_2009_1MP_2009_2MP_2009_3MP_2009_4MP_2009_5MP_2009_6MP_2009_7MP_2009_8xMP_2009_9MP_2009_10MP_2009_11MP_2009_12_pMP_2010_1MP_2010_2MP_2010_3MP_2010_4MP_2010_5MP_2010_6MP_2010_7MP_2010_8MP_2010_9MP_2010_10MP_2010_11


MP_2011_1MP_2011_2MP_2011_3MP_2011_4MP_2011_5MP_2011_6MP_2011_7MP_2011_8sammi and nickMP_2011_10MP_2011_11

MP_2011_12 - Copy

MP_2012_1MP_2012_2MP_2012_3MP_2012_4MP_2012_5MP_2012_6MP_2012_7MP_2012_8MP_2012_9MP_2012_10MP_2012_11MP_2012_122013 MarchMP_2013_2MP_2013_3MP_2013_4MP_2013_5MP_2013_6MP_2013_7MP_2013_8MP_2013_9MP_2013_10MP_2013_11MP_2013_12


Truly Blessed said...

Wow, what an amazing journey with your two!

Can't believe it's been more than 7 years already!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!! Did you get some new doggies?

Janet Bailey said...

What sweet girls you have! Double Lucky is certainly right! What a blessing for them and you. :D

Anonymous said...

Two little beautiful girls x

Dianne said...

Their smile lights up the place!