Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of Baptism and Beach and Bob and Leslie and Jason

We've been busy....really busy....but it's been the kind of "good" busy. We had a phenom vacation at the NC Coast (Emerald Isle) with my niece (dearest friend) and her terrific husband, Jason. (we love you, Uncle Jay-Jay!). And, then, we had a wonderful, magical, pretty-much perfect Baptism Day.....and then we had the best of best all-day-long parties at our house after the Baptism. And then...then....we had our best-friend, Bob, and Leslie and Jason stay with us for a couple of more days for even more time together.....Honestly, what does get better? Well, there is more..

  • On, Baptism Day, Sammi and Nicki were the most beautiful and cutest girls ever in the whole wide world
  • Bob and Leslie are the Godparents to both Sammi and Nicki....wait 'til you see the pics below
  • Our closest friends (we consider them our family, actually) came to the Baptism ceremony....Col, John, Kelse, Jesse and Ida and Regina (so so glad you came down from PA, Regina), and Jeanette, George, Amy, and Adam.
  • At our party, we had the whole crowd over to spend the day and Reggie joined (Ida's better half) and our neighbors, Pat, Tracy, Savannah, and Sierra and our old friend, Bill, and then the girls' day-school teachers and friends, Barbara and oh my, what a wonderful turn-out.

Bob and Sammi....what a great picture.

Nicki on left, Sammi on right

Leslie and Regina

And now of Beach......Nicki on left; Sammi on right, Cunkle Jay-Jay at center....

Ed with Nicki (I think this is Nicki!!?)....Sammi running to me....

I love these next pics....Bob and Leslie and Jason and the girls all just adored each other....Aren't these pictures just so sweet?

And we'll wrap-up with Uncle of the very best things that happened that week was having Bob, and Leslie and Jason with us.....We so especially enjoyed getting to know Jason.....didn't always agree with his um, "politics"....but it sure did make for some endlessly interesting discussions. (Jason, you hang around us long enough, we'll end up converting you!!) :)

Lots of love to EVERYONE who joined us for this magical time...Thanks....It meant so much to us for you to be there....

Life is good.


K1 said...

So glad you had such a great time!!

The girls are so precious! Gotta be something in the water down there in Guangdong province to make such beautiful little girls! said...

OMG. I don't even know where to begin. Your babies truly melted my heart. I don't think many children are cuter than my Katie and Abbey, but girl those little babies look like they came fresh out of a magazine! Precious. Mom, you looked pretty swanky cute yourself. I love all the fotos of your friends and you and Ed. Oh my gosh. You look like you had such a devine and great time. Sooo jealous...... I have friends that have a second home in Emerald Isle. They love it!

We will catch up... Love, love, love your deliciously gorgeous babies and your bee-you-tiful family. Lucky you.


Truly Blessed said...

So glad that you had such a great time on vacation and such a great baptism event with family and dear friends. Love the pictures -- your girls are so beautiful (I agree with K1 -- there's just something about Guangdong girls!)

Leslie said...

Your pictures turned out great! (Except for the one on the bottom right where I'm w/ Jason making an AWFUL face)! That really was a wonderful time. We miss you guys and the girls sooooo much! We can't stop talking about them. How are they doing? Can't wait to get together again. XOXOXO