Thursday, June 7, 2007

Six Month Adoption Report Pics

Huh? It's really time for the 6-month adoption report?

The last six months screamed by (ha ha!....need I say more?!) blazingly fast....I did my first sorting out of the too-small clothes tonight. They've only gained 5 pounds (14lbs to 19lbs) but all the "old" stuff looks so small to me now. Jeez, if I feel like this after only the first 5 pounds and maybe the first couple of additional inches, how much angst am I gonna feel when they double/triple/etc their size? But then...on the other hand.....holy-moly-kapoly I'm glad as h#$@ that the first six months screamed by (ha! ha!...just couldn't resist again...) with all 4 of us relatively (it's all relative, baby...) unscathed.

Ok, enough yada's the pics for our Six-Month Adoption Report....

And here's Ed with the babies just a couple weeks back home from China:

6 comments: said...

Cindy, these fotos are simply gorgeous! I love the one of Ed with babies right after returning home from China. He couldn't look any happier. I mean, the dude is grinning from ear to ear. Someone forgot to tell him those little angels he was holding were going to keep him up all night! And many, many more of those to come. Can you imagine when they start dating?! Double the pain.... Oh man, it literally just occurred to me that this is not going to be a good thing.....ha ha.

Congrats on your six months! Hard to believe how quickly time has flown.

Beverly said...

Cute Cute kiddos. Where did the time go? Man they really changed in 6 months.


Diana said...

Congrats on getting your, "post adoption depression forms" done, and on TIME! The kiddos will be gaining alot more than 5 pounds eatin' the MONKEY BREAD. Great pics.
How old are the loveys now?

PowersTwinB said...

Your babies are just beautiful! I happened along to your site accidently, but want to wish the extreme closeness on your twins that my twin and I share, for 561/2 years now...There is NO other relationship as strong as a twins! God Bless you and your family!

Cindy from central NC said...

The girls are now 21 months old...what a riotous time it is!

Powerstwinb---thx for the lovely and gracious comment. I surely do hope they are as fortunate as you have been!

K1 said...

Cindy, I am so glad I found your blog from a link from Diana's from a link from Donna's from a link from.... oh, you get the idea.

Anyway, my niece, Katie, was the cribmate of your daughters' in YangDong SWI. We met you in the dining room at the White Swan in Nov, just before you came home.

My sis' blog about Katie is

another of our travel group is there in NC,

Your girls are beautiful!