Monday, February 18, 2008

The sleeping thing, Part 2

Hi all. You guys all gave me some really good advice and I wanted to post just to say "thanks". And, of course, so many thanks for Rony for bringing in the brigade

We are progressing just about the same as this time last week with the difference being....after getting your feedback and a few more thoughts from other resources (thanks Laura, I'll be in touch this week...)...that I now realize the best thing to do is for me to adust my expectations and stay calm. Frankly, after hearing everyone's anecdotes, it's probably helped me the most because I feel the least anxious about the whole sleeping situation now because I don't feel so "alone" in dealing with this ordeal.

We flew this past weekend (Friday-today) to visit my favorite niece, Leslie, and her awesome husband, Jason, in Arizona (really cool pics to come in next blog(s)....). Of course the sleeping situation was all upside-down in their house (Ed and I both ended up sleeping in same room with them) but now that we are back home in NC, we are going to follow through with a few techniques/processes like many of you offered up such as Diana, Christine, Truly Blessed, Heather's and others ideas about letting the girls know where I am and what I'll doing throughout the house after they go down makes a lot of sense. I noticed over the last week (as I slept on a mattress in their room) that they were waking up a lot lot less so maybe they are beginning to calm down a bit. As I write this post, I'm up in their room now (is a good time to blog and a great reason not to do chores so there's a plus!!) and I'm thinking I'll continue with this sleeping-in-their-room bit for another week or so and then I'll begin easing the mattress out into the hallway until I'm not in their room any longer....Then, we'll see if that works. I also appreciate Senya's and Sam's comment that maybe a specialist would provide some value (at least I get educated) re: possible attachment or re: their anxiety when I not up there with them throughout the night. It's funny because during the day, we're hard-pressed to observe a single issue with them (outside being typical two's!!)...

So, I'll keep you all posted. How very kind of you to drop your notes. I appreciate it. It's like I truly do have a small community of friends out there that without a doubt actually care about me and want to help. How lucky for me.

Keep a look out for our next posting ...probably later this I have some AWESOME pics of the girls and me and Ed and my niece and nephew-in-law hiking and scaling rocks outside Sedona Arizonia. The girls were AMAZING......they hiked (up rocks and hills) for close to 4 hours yesterday and loved every sec. In fact, when we stopped hiking, they cried to go "climb more, Mommy, more...."!!

Now my turn to visit your blogs!
Love and Hugs,


Sam said...

Glad you are doing better! Hang in there!!! Things will get better!

Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

Sophie's Mom said...

Sometimes knowing you're not alone can make all the difference. Glad we could offer some support.

Rony said...

I knew the "girls" would be able to lend some support. If not good advice, then the relief that their is a shoulder to lean on or in some cases cry on. I will call you on my way to Sam's.

Love you honey.

Leslie said...

We miss you guys tons already. Our house is too quiet without all the giggles, playing, and crying for mommy and daddy. Can't wait to see the pics! We'll send some to you soon too. Hugs and kisses to my darlings.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

So glad that things are looking up...
I wish I would have known you were in AZ. I would have loved to meet all of you..
Remember me next time you are here..
Have a Good night..

Rony said...

Where are the pictures? Did I ask where are the pictures?!?!?!?

Diana said... are so sweet. I am so glad that things are looking up for you. It is a wonderful thing that we feel so connected through our kids and experiences. I personally get alot of strength from knowing that I am not alone, and I am so glad I helped you in whatever small way.
Big hugs to you.