Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The sleeping thing, Part 3 (zzzzz...yes....zzzzz!!)

You were all right. It has all worked out....at least for 3 nights running and baby(s), I'll take that. Slowly, but surely, both girls started calming down, woke-up less often, just seemed better. Then, 3 nights ago, we quasi-Ferberized them (pretty similar to combo of Laura C and Senja's comments), and instead of going all the way downstairs..I camped-out in the study next to the nursery and started the Ferber routine. It took 3 cycles the first night (ie about 12 mins), one cycle last night (3ish mins) and was zero cycles tonight. Ah, success. And, when they wake-up in the middle of the night, I bound from my bed (yes, the one with my husband...not the mattress on the floor of the nursery!), I fly-up the staircase like a lighting bolt, and calm down before they can take their next breath.

Yep, am feeling pret-tee darn yay and hooray sa-tis-fied (!) right now.....

Shhh.......babies sleeping...!!! :)



Truly Blessed said...

Yaay!!! Great news!

I know it's just a phase, but it is a bone-tired phase when baby (or in your case, babies) won't sleep.

So glad things seem to be looking better in the all important sleep department!

Rony said...

Thank g-d!!!

Heather said...