Monday, April 26, 2010

My Cutie-Pies

I try to keep my cameras handy and charged-up as you just never know, do you, when a Kodak moment may appear..... ? I was tending to my front porch flower boxes and pots and when I leaned over, my cap fell off and Nicki grabbed it, placed it on her head and started to prance around the porch giving me all sorts of cute-poses. Sammi quickly found another dirty-old-raggedy cap to wear (I use them for my yard-work) and before I could convince them to let me take their pictures (which is what I typically need to do....), they were imploring me to do so....

Bottom-line…they are becoming little camera hams…!

Nicki in the grey hat;Sammi in the red WolfPack hat…. (Go Pack!!)

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Truly Blessed said...

OMW - they are just TOO CUTE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are stunningly gorgeous.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh my gosh. Your girls make me grin, a big HUGE MASSIVE grin.

Dear me, they're adorable. I can see my Lilah!