Friday, April 2, 2010

Of Daddy and Dear Ones and Riches

Nicki walked over to me today while I was cleaning the kitchen up and she tugged on my hand then looked up to me and said, “Mommy, I am so in love with Daddy”….(it is a phrase Ed and I use frequently with each other but I never really thought they were listening…cute, huh..)… When I said, “Oh Sweetheart, that is such a nice thing to hear. Daddy is so in love with you, too…” then Sammi weighed in to say “Me Too”….It was a love fest moment and I rocked back on the balls of my feet, looked down at their happy earnest faces and felt joy well up and out through me. The minute (half-minute?) was quite fleeting but the memory is cherished and captured forever. I won’t forget that feeling… Hey, do you often stop and just pause to remember how rich and fortunate and blessed you are…..I do and it takes my breath away. I need to post a blog about all the things that stop me in my tracks…Isn’t that a cool idea?

Okay, so I got off-topic……With the whole Daddy Fan Club the girls have going on, thought I’d post some Daddy and Dear Ones (it’s what we call the girls……

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Being rich is not at all about having lots of things or fancy houses and jewels or designer clothes or luxury vacations....For me, rich is having happy and healthy children, health for me and Ed, Great and loving friends, interesting jobs we really enjoy and having a big yard to run around in and garden and have parties and fun and lots of laughter....For us, that's why we know we are so rich.

I hope you have riches in your life, too!! :)

Hugs and Peace,n



Kim said...

Happy Easter...
Have a beautiful day..

Anonymous said...

What happened to Ed's left leg? Is he okay?

Truly Blessed said...

Lucky girls, lucky Daddy, lucky Mommy!

You are blessed, indeed!

LOVED our visit - thank you so much for everything!