Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas Weekend

47 years. That is the last time our town had a White Christmas and a lovely white snowy event it has turned out to be. We packed in more than 8 inches of the perfect-sledding snowman snowball flakes you could dream of and we sure did take full advantage of all-things-snowy today. It was a packed (pun intended) day of snowy-events that I eagerly planned throughout last evening and through the night as I kept my fingers crossed the snow would really fall like our forecasters predicted. I’m kinda goofy about watching snow accumulate….I like to watch all the weather news, hear the potential accumulation figures, then run outside to vet it for myself. It’s exciting in our house anticipating the white-stuff and hey, I grew up in Miami so snow is a Big.Fun.Event for me!! (got milk, bread, and eggs??)

Early this morning after devouring a quick breakfast, we hauled down our ski gear from the attic, padded-up the children and ourselves and ran outside with the dogs in tow to make tracks all over our yard (did I mention 8 inches!!!) and up and down our street.  (of course we were the first ones up). Then, we headed for the hills to sled for a good long time. It was great fun as Sammi and Nicki love sledding and they peal with giggles when they take a spill off the tube. No tears and whines as we have tough little girls!! Then, back in the house for hot chocolate and then back outside to make a groovy snowman.

Now to some pics. Throughout the morning, it continued snowing quite a bit so I pulled together some makeshift camera-protection gear and gamely headed outdoors to shoot. I felt….for a sec here and there…very Art Wolf-y…though I know Mr. Wolfe’s rain/snow-protection gear isn’t made of a plastic bread wrapper….(must buy more camera equipment!!)

First to the dogs….the Aussie is Buddy (our dog) and Piper is the little one we are dog-watching.



bestestPip232bestest Piper_IMG_5889

It was so easy to lose Piper in the snow as she sure does blend-in. She loved it…barking and running and yipping and…trying her very best to keep up with Buddy. Good show, Pips!


Heading up the drive to the hill…..


Look at the joy on Sammi’s face….

blog_sammi joy

Here’s Sammi at the bottom of the hill jumping up as fast as she can to run to the top to do it all again. They LOVED it and it was our joy seeing their joy….ahh…so good so very good….

best_blog girls sledding

Back to top…we start off at the stop sign and ride all the way down….Just look at that snow pouring down!

blog hiking back up sledding hill


blog_sledding start

Our snowy-house…

blog snowy house

Cute hats, aren’t they…this one is Nicki in the pink hat





The trio is Making Mischief here as I got pelted with snowballs a nano-second later. I knew they were up to something…

blog_before snowball seige!

I would like to introduce you to Spike-a-roni….


Happy Snowy-Day!!



Anonymous said...

These are just great pictures. it is cute that Sammi has the pink hat on upside down. She looks adorable, actually they both do, and so happy frolicking in the snow! Kids and snow just go together.

jason said...

Looks like you all are having some fun. Merry Christmas

Dianne said...

Looks like a blast playing in the snow, and love the snowman!

Leslie said...

How fun! Glad you got some Christmas snow to play in! We have over a foot today! Just got back in from playing in it, jumping in it, having a snowball battle, and digging out our friend's car. Love snow! Going skiing on Wed. Glad the girls like the scarves. Stay warm! xoxoxoxoxo...Leslie

Truly Blessed said...

Holy cow, you got four times as much snow as we've gotten all winter thus far, and we're a northern state! There isn't enough snow on the ground here to even make a snow angel! You are lucky, indeed!

Beautiful photos of your beautiful family, home, dogs and snowfall....Merry Christmas a few days late, dear friends!