Sunday, November 13, 2011

Five Joy-Filled Years Later….

Five years later and every single dream, expectation, hope, wish and desire has come true. Our girls have completely enriched our lives and they are our precious treasures. It is simply impossible for me to imagine ‘life’ without the girls….I know all parents must say that but….I ‘really’ mean it!! Our 5th Year Anniversary ‘Gotcha Day’ was November 6th, 2006 and it has zoomed by….

We spent our Anniversary Day in a low-key way…..we went out to lunch, went to the park, cooked together (which the four of us love doing together) , and mostly just played around the house while I snapped some pictures. The night before the Anniversary Day, the girls insisted on pulling out their ‘fancy’ dresses for the ‘important’ day. At one point during the day….as I watched them running and tumbling and scooting and biking and twirling and swinging and sliding and zooming and hurling themselves all about (like normal), I asked them if they wanted to change into their play clothes. They both looked at me indignantly and said (truly!) that it would be “disrespectful’ to change out of the important clothes because the anniversary lasts all day.” Well-said, girls,  though, I have to say in my and Ed’s case, we have been celebrating every day since Referral Day on August 24th, 2006.

Sammi on left; Nicki on right….

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So Nicki is my silly one…..always giving me funny poses and being ultra goofy….hard to get her to be serious and she is definitely the one to tell a joke or catch a joke first….


And Sammi wants to ‘tow-the-line’ and keep the order and make sure everything is just ‘so’…..She wants to plan and organize and direct.


You can see just from this pic below…Sammi trying her best to smile in that direct sunlight and Nicki just being an irreverent as possible….





Now check out this very last picture. Isn’t it interesting….?  I caught them dancing together and just simply joy-filled.

blogthis oneIMG_0180

I hope you and your family are filled with joy and treasures, too!!




Kim said...

Happy 5 years...
the girls make me smile and make me sooo hopeful for what I have to look forward too..
Love ya..

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls and the happiness they feel is so obvious in their expressions. You should applaud your great parenting.

Angie Williamson said...

Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me. You have such a sweet, happy family :0). Please tell the girls hello from me. I hope that you all have a wonderful track out! :0)

k1 said...

What a wonderful update! I still remember our "what are the chances that would happen" meeting at breakfast in the White Swan. Who could have guessed that our sitting in a different area by chance that morning would have the results it did.

The girls are growing up beautifully. Happy Family Day Anniversary.

Truly Blessed said...

We sure are.

And I can't get over how much these pictures of Sammi remind me of Katie's expressions. Very interesting.

I just realized that you not only met your daughters the day before we met Katie, but you also received your referral a day before we got ours. Funny how those things work out, huh? We've been thinking about you all month and Katie was just asking if her crib was on the end of the row or if Sammi & Nicki's was (I couldn't tell her).

Oh, and I agree with K1's comment - what are the chances that we sat side by side that November morning at breakfast? I'm just so glad we did!