Thursday, November 17, 2011

“You can do it, Luke. I’ll be waiting…”

Lately it’s been all about Star Wars…most assuredly because they have been playing with Jackson and Mason, their 6 year old pals who are obsessed with Star Wars.

Sammi ran to the garage one day to tell Ed that she must have an authentic Luke Skywalker outfit so he attired her with his jacket and a foam baseball ball. Fit the need perfectly!

She then runs back out to Nicki (who is, of course, Lea) for this exchange:

Luke: “I’m off to fight them (ayii.the poor grammar…we are trying!!) bad guys.”

Lea: “I will be waiting for you!”


Lea: “I know you can do it, Luke!”




Made me smile. Hope it did you for you…



Anonymous said...

So funny and those party dresses sure come in handy!

k1 said...

love the scrunched up face in the forehead kiss photo.

So glad to see new posts!!!

Truly Blessed said...

Oh yeah. Smiling from ear to ear!