Sunday, April 1, 2007

Starting Off the Blog....

So it's better than we ever expected....and crazier, more chaotic, tougher, unrelenting (in a big good way)..and it rocks more than I ever could of imagined. "It" being insta-parents to two 19-month old twin toddlers. We're now five months into parenthood (our Gotcha Day was Nov 6, '06). Sometimes I feel like we've been doing this parenthood gig forever and sometimes it completely takes me aback that we actually have 2 amazing our lives. As anyone who has adopted knows so well, we have (at least once a week) strangers come up to us and say directly to our girls "how 'lucky' they are".....And, of course our retort is "no, no, no, WE are the lucky ones....!

Since I've truly been pretty abysmal at getting pics and notes sent out to family and friends, I thought it'd be loads more fun to start a blog...especially since I've been an avid lurker on some really cool blogs out there and I'm jealous that I don't have one.

Now for some pics....Sammi (Samantha) is the first pic with Nicki (Nicole) next. We try to reserve "pink" for Nicki and "stripes" for Sammi...These pics are right before Christmas so they are about 15 months old.

And now here they are just three months later. Pretty cute,huh?

And here's Nicki all upset because Sammi monopolized the toy cell phone that just came with their really cool Step2 playhouse. Wow, that little phone kept Sammi happy for 2 hours (it's all about the phone...) and Nicki is simply desolate that she didn't have one. What was I thinking? Gotta buy two...gotta buy two of everything......So what if the Step2 Playhouse cost hundreds of dollars and the phone probably cost 37 cents. Shoulda got two Playhouses so they'd each have a 37cents play phone....(just kiddin')


Anonymous said...

You have such precious and cute little girls! The four of you make a very beautiful family.

Cindy said...

Hi. You are our first comment. Thanks! What a very nice thing to say! :)

Dirk said...
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Dirk said...

Oh yeah - buy two of (almost) every toy. It's worth it.

And yes, we've head the "they are lucky - no WE are lucky" conversation many, many times. said...

Cindy they are gorgeous! We just celebrated our one year (March 28th) with our twins-- Katie and Abbey. They were nine months when we brought them home. Talk about a hand-full. But well worth it. Sooooo sooo fun.

I'm so happy for you..


Rebecca said...

Hey Cindy - they are both gorgeous! I assume they are identical? Do you use the different color clothes to tell them apart? I have identical twin boys and when they were first born we left the hospital tags on for months ( we were afraid of mixing them up) and then started dressing Jack in red and Oscar in blue.

They are 5 1/2 years old now and the easiest and most immediate way to tell them apart is their voices - which are really quite different.

You ARE lucky - your girls are lovely.

Diana said...

Ditto, that sharing problem in our household. Sometimes even if it is EXACTLY the same Alyssa wants Sophia's! Strange.........maybe it's the alpha dog thing.
We just have to convince family and friends to buy "2" and if not we go out and buy the other!