Sunday, September 9, 2007

Calling on children's books on adopting Chinese twins

I've got some of the requisite children's books describing...(and catered to children)....the China adoption process incuding "Love you Like Crazy Cakes",
Finding Joy", "When you were Born in China", "Shooey and Dot" and a couple more books (great Mr. Rodgers one), but I'm really looking for a book of similar genre about adopting twins from China. Anyone know of a book such as this? I've searched the Internet, but I'm not the best web "miner".
The reason I'm really getting keen for a book like I'm describing above is because Sammi and Nicki are showing emotions all over the map when we read these books. On one hand, they are fascinated....They are especially riveted over the pages where it shows rows and cribs with 2-3 babies in each crib. It just stops them in their tracks. But then, all of the sudden, I see them get anxious and stressed....When I close the book and go on to the next activity, they invariably want to go back to the adoption books.
So, anyone out there have any recommendations for books on adopting Chinese (or other) twins?

Thanks and Hugs,

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Omg. Cindy the babies are cuter than ever. So sweet. Precious. I can just hear them giggling and squealing as I sit here and read your post.

As far as the books, Katie and Abbey have become really aware of what's on the pages. I've got a lot of the same books as you but I also made life books for the girls. They love when I tell the story of where they came from. Now when you ask them where they were born they both scream "China". It literally melts my heart. So darn cute.

Sweetie, so sorry I missed you last night. I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip. Alone. Are the babies feeling any better? You? Ed?

Big hugs sweetum's.


Heather said...

Hi Cindy. I don't know of any books about adopting twins. If you discover anything PLEASE let me know. We have books about adoption, and books about twins, but no books about adopted twins ---- EXCEPT... (out of my own frustration with not being able to find any books that represented their story) For K & O's first adoption day (they were 18 months old then) I made them a board book that tells their story. They have absolutely loved that book every step of the way since then. An adoption book we love (if you don't have it yet) is A Mother For Choco. That is K & O's long-time favorite adoption book (and we have many). Please let me know what you come up with. I'm always looking for more books.

Holly said...

They are precious!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

The girls are adorable...
How do you stand their cuteness...

crazylady said...

I have about 30 books with Asian themes and adoption themes and the only thing that comes close (not adoption or twin related) but is still a good read is:
Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong.

Lookey see on Amazon to see if it interests you.

Hey sounds like someone around here *cough cough you* should write one!

Lauren said...

Your girls are ABSOLUTELY adorable. That is sooo cool that they respond to the books!

karen said...

If you find, or write, anything I'd love to hear about it. I haven't had any luck finding any children's books on adopted Chinese twins either.

mom to S2 and H2

Truly Blessed said...


I don't have any great books for you either, but I DO have an idea (and it's brilliant, if you don't mind me saying so)...

Write Sammi & Nicki's story for them and publish a book yourself.

No, I'm not kidding. I wrote a book for Katie with our family's story, included waiting for referral, referral and our trip to China, then pictures from the first months home.

Katie LOVES it.

Oh! And Sammi & Nicki are in it, too!

If you want, I'll send you a link so you can see it.

It was really easy to do.

N & S are more gorgeous every single day. And LOVE the hats in the second picture!

Diana said...

Congratulations on reaching your terrific two's S + N! At the Twinfest A + K look so much bigger than S + N...but they're actually very close in age?
Looks like fun, happy reading, my S + A are in ignorant bliss right now. If you ask them if they are Chinese they say "NO" with that "are you stupid?, or just trying to be funny", tone of voice.
In due time, all in due time.... said...

Hey you... Are you still around?! I haven't heard from you in forever. Are you traveling?!

I miss you!