Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soothing Balm

It's a salve, isn't it, having children...For me they are a balm to the crazy world around's world that has crazy expectations, incomprehensible greed and just downright ridiculous priorities. When I'm feeling out-of-balance and taking things entirely too seriously, I take some Pilates breaths and stretches and I dive into my daughters' world...and then everything just seems to set itself right again. And I realize once again how staggeringly jaw-dropping, spine-chilling (yes, now I have goosebumps down my arm...)lucky (um...double-lucky) that I am to have these two amazing little souls in our lives.

Isn't this a great shot of Sammi below? She's really getting into following me around and puttering in the yard, pulling weeds, saying "hi" to all our plants and trees and shrubs (yes, I really do that....), and just being my little helper. I caught her here pulling little weeds along our stone borders...She'll put the weeds in the little bin at the back of her trike.

And then here's Nicki in pink.....



Truly Blessed said...

Oh my Lord, they are so beautiful!

The first two pictures, where they're just smiling those wonderful, joyous, full-of-life smiles are breathtaking.

You ARE very fortunate, your daughters are wonderful.

Like you, I am so incredibly blessed!

cougchick said...

beautiful but that first pic looks kinda like their heads have frankenstein-like metal coming out from the way the trike goes up in the back. funny.

They are so cute and look so much like Katie-Bug. Related perhaps? I wonder....BTW, I get to meet the aforementioned "bug" next weekend when they come to Seattle. Cool!

K1 said...

We've been wondering if they were cousins, or perhaps, half sisters, with The Bug since we were in China. We'll probably never know, but it's too bad MI and NC aren't closer together, because I'm sure they'd be the Three Musketeer-ettes.

Janet said...

Hey Cindy,
So glad to hear about (and see) all the fun things the girls are doing. They are absolutely adorable in their little skirts, and on their little trikes! Looks like they are VERY happy to have you as their mommy. What a double blessing! I can't wait to show Jenica (and Jillian) the pictures of your girls when she gets up tomorrow morning. :-)
Hugs from the Bailey's...Your China traveling buddies

trish said...

Great pics of your cute girls. I love them holding hands in the last one. I just read your story in the Holt mag. We adopted our twins through Holt 3 years ago. said...

Stop! How in the heck was I not the FIRST here. OMG. Yes, this is what my life has become. One big effing crazy cycle. I can't believe I am just getting to your beutiful little cherubs with the ever so purrrr-fect faces and giggles and oh, oh, the cuteness. It just slaps me across the face. Boy does it feel good too. (insert big grin) Man, I can just hear them. I can see Sammie helping you in the yard too. Does she pull the flowers too?!?! Abbey and Katie do. Lol.... I'm soo sorry that I have been so wrapped up in my own little world and haven't had a minute to catch up with you? What night this week can we get together and suck on the grape and chat it up? I've missed you sooo. Are you good? O.K.? How about the project? Are you still working 80+hours a week? I know you must be ready to drop. Yes, the girls keep it "real" don't they. They are the one thing at the end of the day that makes me smile. Even though somedays they make me cry too. lol.

Hugs sweetie.


p.s. I love the girls skirts. Tooo cute. Must have....

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Those girls are amazing... they are sooo cute..
Love the picture in the garden..
Have a Great Day..
But I know you will always have a Great Day with those beautiful little girls..

Tony and Rett said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that will be us in a little over a month!! What fun! Goodness, they're pretty!

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE your packing list or packing list ideas and tips for packing for twins. We're nearing panic mode on exactly what we'll need. There are lots of lists out there, but not many for twins. (Just Salsa in China) so any help would be great! You can email us at

Thanks again! What a lovely family you have!!!

Diana said...

Wow, fantastic, frame-worthy pictures.....all of them! I haven't met a person with a black front door that I haven't liked yet! I knew there was something about you that I liked.
Where did you get those great bikes? We will be in the market for a couple next spring, and I really like the handle in the back (which I am assuming comes off).