Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lots of Yays

--Yay, I'm blogging again. Got a bit of a work reprieve 'til Monday.Yay, we have a 3-day weekend.
--Yay, our girls turned 2 years old last week...big yay!
--Yay, we have no real plans (just some cook-outs) this weekend so I can catch-up on blogging...!
--Yay, my digital SLR just came back from repair and I am with-camera again.
--Oh yay. Life is good this nice Saturday morning. I have just about a millions things to talk about....think I'll even do multiple posts this weekend. Oh, yay!! :)
They are crazy about their wagon (birthday present). We now do our daily mail runs in it. They climb in the wagon in the garage, I pull them up the long driveway to our mailbox, dole out the mail/flyers, take a spin around the cul-de-sac, maybe stop over and see their friends along the way.


Sophie's Mom said...

Kiddos just love a wagon ride, don't they? Beautiful home and kids! ;) said...

Omg. Omg. Omg. How did I miss these photos of your irresistible little cutie pots?!? Ahhh, they are so, so stinkin' cute. I could just reach out and touch their cute adorable beautiful faces.

Is that your house?! If so I can clearly see there is room for me and my klan! I'm packing the car as we speak. Dog included. We're moving in with you.

Truly Blessed said...

A belated Happy Happy Birthday to your darling girls!

Love the wagon -- if it has the big air-filled wheels (not the flat rubber ones), that's the same one that we're going to get for Katie (shhh! it's a secret!).

I'm assuming that's your home -- it's gorgeous!