Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s Getting Better All the Time…Better, Better, Better

a2010 1st March 004 Better…..much better. The Woloszyn-House-of-Sick is not as sick and we’re all getting better each day. Oh Happy Day! This has been a long haul…since ‘bout first week of January up through to now….so better on that front. And---and---the weather is going to be lovely this weekend in the 50s and low 60s with full and total sunshine. Oh Double Happy Day! I tell you, the older I get, the more tired I become of cold weather. Of course, I am really a Cuban girl from Miami and think 65 is still pretty cool and 86 is perfect and 96 works for me, too! :)

So, the other “better….much better” thing going on is that work has settled down a bit now that we’ve very (very) wrapped up a very (very!) successful endeavor that required 8 months of my life for 60-70 a week with no break. That baby is done!

a2010 1st March 005

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a2010 1st March 007With all this new-founded time and a bit of better health on my hands, I grabbed the camera the other day while Sammi and Nicki were drawing pictures. Oh, they LOVE to draw pictures. So so love it. Their teacher said they have a bit of extra skills and interest she normally doesn’t see in 4 year olds and is encouraging us to find some art camps for them this summer…which we shall…..

Does it look like a fun evening? Yep, it sure was……..And aren’t they getting so big!! No more baby girls…..they are adorable little ladies. Oh my, I do so so love being a Mommy. I love it more than I ever believe I would or I could. Mommyhood Rocks…it just truly does. And, having these two girls makes it a Double-Rock!

a2010 1st March 050




Truly Blessed said...

What a difference a week makes! Your posts from then to now sound like they're written by a different person! I'm happy for you that you have such an incredible person helping you out, what a fantastic thing that is.

Oh my, you DO have a couple of budding artists in your house! I'm very, very impressed! My girls have ZERO interest in drawing/coloring/writing etc., though I encourage it and we get out the papers/markers/crayons and colored pencils on a daily basis. No deal. They ARE into scissors and cutting though.

I'm looking forward to reading lots more of your blog posts!

Dianne said...

Wow, what talented artists! My girls love art too. Thanks for your comments, your girls are growing fast and also look so happy. Love their smiles.
Way to stay on top of it all, being a busy working mom with twins (I know the feeling). Glad to hear your all getting better. Welcoming Springtime. Great blog!

Kim said...

LOVE the cute pictures..
the girls are doing a wonderful job..
Glad to hear that things are getting better in the health dept. there..
Have a great week..

天天影片 said...

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Colin and Jill Canada said...

Your little artists...WOW! Pure genius. Good call on the art camps. Seriously, those pictures are beautiful.

I can't even draw like that!