Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh La La

BLOG2010 March 21 146My indulgence is "pretty girls" clothes. Yes, of course, the girls certainly do love shopping with me and they really enjoy the cute clothes we look at….but I’m happy to note that I buy their clothes mostly for me as I’ve just waited all this time over all these years looking forward to buying cute little-girl clothes. I enjoy overindulging and I do not have an iota of guilt about it….Check out these precious dresses…..

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BLOG2010 March 21 133BLOG2010 March 21 134We had such a fun time picking out sun glasses today….They want to dress “like Mommy”….I’m sure all the Moms out there hear it all time time but boy-oh-boy it is something I’ve not grown a bit weary of at all…. (Sammi left)

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Finally, today, they were sitting out on the screen porch having “a chat” (their words, not mine). They like to sit down and just chit-chat and today when I tried to join them, they politely said to me, “Mommy, this is just a little-girls chat...but could you just take our picture?”…..(oh, okay…..)

(Nicki on left, Sammi on right)

2010 March 21 153

Hugs and Peace!


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Colin and Jill Canada said...

Heh heh... your girls are positively beautiful and quirky too!

Love their dresses. :) They're girly girls, really remind me of Lilah in that sense!

Jill xx