Sunday, March 14, 2010

Of Tea Time and Doggies and Getting Along So Well…

Today, while Ed and I (okay, mostly Ed) arduously stripped-out VISTA (Good Riddance, VISTA, you piece-of-junk…..and Good Riddance to you, too, MicroSoft….you should be ASHAMED of yourselves deploying that piece-of-junk operating system…….whew, i feel better….um…..anyhow…..), the girls played tea in the hallway with Buddy, our Aussie. Buddy adores being around the girls and feels like it is his duty to be sure they have his companionship and he has their back…Where there are girls…..there also shall be the Budster…..

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I’m constantly amazed at how well the two girls (and Buddy) play together for simply hours-and-hours….and hours all day long. Sure, they occasionally whine and argue with each other but I’d say it’s well less than 1% of their time together. I attended a birthday party last month and got to chatting with one of the moms there who also has 4 yr old twins (identical girls)….I could tell she really did not believe me when I said Sammi and Nicki are great with each other……She seemed absolutely convinced it was not possible for siblings (much less twins) to get along the way i was saying Sam and Nick do..…Sad,huh…

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Ah, so….Buddy’s getting sleepy there in the last picture and so am I….more later.




Anonymous said...

They are SO GORGEOUS. How do you tell them apart?

Truly Blessed said...

Love these girl/dog photos - my girls love their Rudy (a Border Collie) as much as your Buddy is loved by Sammi & Nicki. Sadly, Rudy is getting so old and feeble, he's having a hard time getting around and it's hard and sad to watch. He's nearly 15 now though. I hate to think of our lives without him, none of our boys (even Joe at 19) remember life without him...

Thank the Lord for our faithful canine companions!