Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Of Family, Friends and Fun on Easter 2012

It was one of the most loveliest Easter Days and Easter memories I can remember in years. Everything was just perfect and simply easy and relaxing with no-worries/no-stresses. Ed and I hosted Easter Dinner/Easter Day this year and had some of our best-est old-est (not old)  “friends-that-are-really-like-our-family” join us for the day. Col and John and their girls, Jessie and Kelsey..and Piper!…. plus Kim and Bill and Maddy and then new friends, Kelly and Brandon, spent the day with us.
The weather was perfection beyond belief, the yard is now in great shape for playing (frisbee, bacchi ball, croquet,Easter Egg Hunts) and the screened porch was in sparking clean shape….though one minor (but amusing) glitch was the seat cushions were still damp from the power-wash treatment so we first got damp-dupas (dupa = bottom in Polish…you pronounce it like this….dew-pah) but then just plied on the beach towels and did fine.
So….now on to pictures. I have a ton but each and every pic is very special! I am especially proud of the glamor shots I snapped of all the girls…..Kelse/Jess/Mads/my duo. Girls, I hope you like some of them!! Let me know what you think about them. Leave me a comment if you can.
First a great group shot….even with the dogs!! I’ll be framing this one. Does everyone realize how hard it is to get this kind of group shot with the doggies?!
blog2012 Easter 224
Now the lovely young ladies, (Mads, Kelse, Jess on back row, Sammi and Nicki)blogthis!2012 Easter 106
Kelsey up next…..Isn’t she lovely….? I’ve known K long before she was even a glimmer in John and Col’s eyes…(we’re all old friends from grad-school days..!)
blog2012 Easter 135
blog2012 Easter 1422012 Easter 173
And then here comes the ‘next oldest’ lovely teenager, Mads (Maddy/Maddie/Madison/Cutie-Pie….etc).Mads is Kim and Bill’s daughter. She is the same grade as Kelsey. We met K/B/M many years ago at Col’s house and now we have a great tradition of spending Thanksgiving and Easter celebrations together when we are all in town.
blogthis!2012 Easter 165
blog2012 Easter 166
The pic below will be PERFECT once I get the frisbee arm out of there. Anyone know how to do that? I’m not that great with Photoshop as my photoshop efforts always look so funky doctored up. I’d like to just do free-range cropping (almost like I was cutting with scissors) to remove the arm-frisbee. Advice, anyone?
2012 Easter 227
blog2012 Easter 167
And now we have delightful Jessie. Ah, now she is looking so grown-up this Easter……Isn’t she lovely, too? Jess and Kelse are sisters but I guess you really did not need me to tell you that!
2012 Easter 172
blog2012 Easter 164
All three wonderful teenage treasures….we love these girls!!
blog2012 Easter 188
blog2012 Easter 183
And then the two sissies (as we like to say in our house!)
blog2012 Easter 175
Here’s a fun picture of our new friends, Kelly and Brandon….Aren’t they a cute couple? They are friends and neighbors of Kim and Bill….we had the pleasure of meeting them last Thanksgiving when Kim and Bill hosted the dinner and we were delighted Kelly and Brandon were able to join us for our Easter celebration!
blog2012 Easter 209
Now over to my little dynamic duo. We’ll start with Nicki-Noodle. No, she does not have pierced ears….they are stickers. In our house, no pierced ears until age 12.
blog2012 Easter 1182012 Easter 088
And then to Sammi-Poodle:
blogthis!2012 Easter 075blog this!_2012 Easter 064blog 2012 Easter 093
Both together now….I love this pic….Nicki carefree and Sammi reflective….captures them perfectly…
blog 2012 Easter 085
Here are a few pics from the morning…
blog_lambs_2012 Easter 052
blog_victory2012 Easter 026blog_hunting eggs2012 Easter 014blog_eggs in treehouse2012 Easter 032blog_checking out goodies2012 Easter 009
blog_2012 Easter 043
blog_2012 Easter 049

Last but not least, here are the guys. We tried to get them to lie on the blanket with their chin in their hands and their faces cheek-to-cheek but “no-go” on that photo-op idea. They actually did end up posing cheek-to-cheek but I’m not going to post up that pic. (yes, it was still family appropriate but not really a pose that I personally think is so…um….flattering). Instead, we’ll just go with these two…..
blog2012 Easter 198blog2012 Easter 197
I sure do hope you had a joy-filled Easter day with your loved ones, too.

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Janet Bailey said...

Nicki-Noodle and Sammi-Poodle are really growing up! I enjoy all the pictures you post, Cindy! We miss you guys, but it's fun to "catch up" a bit through your blog. Looks like you've had a beautiful spring also. Hugs from Husker-Land!