Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some ‘art by sammi’….

Thanks, Commenters from my last Post, for encouraging me to post some of Sammi’s art work as we do have so much fun with it. If we are indoors, then there is a 90% chance they will be sitting at their art table creating something. I keep it stocked with all sorts of good quality supplies…good paper, variety of nice pens, chalks, colored pencils, rulers, markers, scissors, glue, stickers, water color paints and brushes….etc.

So….few recent art pics from Sammi.

Sammi’s Fashion Show…..lately, she’s telling us she wants to be a dress designer…She did this all by herself…pretty cute, isn’t it…I am a little astonished by the details….

blog_Sammi Fashion

And in the weekly art lessons the girls take, they are now learning a bit of ‘anime’ so Sammi was excited to show off some examples for me….



And have you all heard of Moshi Monsters….? They are very cute and this-Mom-approved! (though the spelling could be a bit improved but ah well….they are just 6 year olds.


Off to Saturday morning swimming lessons….8:15 on Sat morning --- now that’s a way to get your weekend up and running and not waste any time sleeping in!!!

More pics in a bit…..about pink boots…Smile




Samantha said...

That is pretty amazing for six!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did Sammi draw each design and paint it herself? If so, that is pretty amazing for that age. The colors are wonderful.

k1 said...

Wow! I think she may just be on the right path with her clothing design. Love the details, and love that she coordinated the shoes!!