Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome Spring 2012!

Every Spring I am happy to thumb my nose at Winter (especially February) and welcome springtime and this year’s no different. We’ve had such a mild winter here in the southeast so you’d think that I would have felt differently this year but I did not…..I disliked the winter months as much as ever regardless of the mild temps. But, no worries 'cause…..Spring is here, I’m pulling out my garden books (yay!) and thinking about my plan of attack for this year, Ed brought our boat out of storage (and cleaned it...thanks Ed!),  I’ve cleaned-up my planting beds and we are thinking about pressuring washing the screened porch this weekend to clear-up all the ‘yellow snow’ (pollen) we’ve been deluged with so far. Plus…we have an Easter get together to host this Sunday and the weather is looking good.
Sammi and Nicki are doing great, first-grade continues to be going well (except our challenges with math but I won’t get into that now…), and they are involved in so many fun activities….soccer (Sammi only), ice-skating (Nicki only), weekly art studio classes (both), Girl Scouts (both), Indian Princesses (both), and…oh my this list is long….is that why my life is crazy?….and weekly private swimming lessons (both). Ah well. It’s all good…it really is…and they are just simply delightful wonderful sweet caring awesome little girls. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I think we are?
So….a few pics this afternoon though you’d think I’d have a lot more since it’s been so long since I’ve posted. The issue is that I’ve been using my BB camera-phone and #1) hassle to get them off and # 2) pics are awful…..duh- I need to stop doing that and use my ‘real’ camera. I’m thinking this springtime business will get me back in gear here.
Sammi on left, Nicki on right
Fuzzy but a full family picture for once!!
whole family
Nicki-Noodle—see the lovely haircut?
And look at Sammer’s short cut…! :)
They love-love-love to cook….
Soccer-Sammi…she is WILD about playing. I resisted for so long because I personally cannot stand soccer but…..I relented and…..I am kinda sorta enjoying the chatting with the Moms on the sidelines and watching Sammi have a blast…
Wake Forest-20120317-00580
One of the girls’ best friends (K-K) plays, too….
Sammi at the art table looking at ‘masterpieces’ on the IPAD and doing her best to copy them. She is such an incredible amazing phenom (ok, I’ll stop but gosh) artist for her age. I’ll post some of her work soon.
blog 232012 March 302
And then NIcki-Noodle with our beloved dog, Buddy.
All for now. Got to go get the girls off the bus!! (yes, I am now home to greet the bus everyday!…Whole post in itself).


k1 said...

How wonderful to see a new post. The girl's hair cuts are cute... each is perfect.

Glad to see the girls have so many interests, but, how exhausting to keep up with thier schedules.

I look forward to seeing Sammi's artwork.

Anonymous said...

The photos and captions are just wonderful. It sounds like the girls are just thriving. Share more about the art, etc.

Truly Blessed said...

Yay! A new post! Ah, yes, we're entering the busy years -- so many great opportunities for our kids but oh, so exhausting for Mom and Dad!

Enjoy every single exhausting minute, they fly by so quickly. I'm currently doing college visits with my youngest son and don't know where the time went.

It'd be GREAT to see the four of you -- perhaps you could visit beautiful Michigan during the heat of an NC summer? :) We would so love to see you again!

the meaklims said...

You life sounds like fun and crazy, which is a great mix...plus you get tp meet them off the bus, there is nothing better!!

I too am welcoming Spring with open arms, even though we had a relatively mild winter! Can't wait to read and hear and SEE more of your girlies! :)