Sunday, November 4, 2012

Look Back on Summer Pics

Yep…I know it’s November and the boat’s now ‘up for the winter’ but…no better time than now. On the eve of the holiday season, I’m finally getting the serious urge to post some much belated..well…posts!
Hope this finds everyone well and thriving. We’re doing well as usual. The girls are in second grade (oh my…), we had a huge adjustment to a new school calendar (moving tracks…all good but a bit of an adjustment…), and everyone is healthy, happy and busy-busy-busy.
I spent the last few hours (while Ed and the girls are off at Indian Princess event) and trawled through my zillions of pics and ranked the ones I want to blog over the next bit of time. Every time I go through this effort, I always wonder how people actually ‘do’ the 365-Projects. You know what I mean, right? Some bloggers launch a project where they post a pic for an entire year. Yep, I’m jealous ‘cause I think it’s really a neat idea and fantastic treasure to capture a view of musing and fav photos for a year. Yep, I admire it.

Enough chattering….here are a few summer highlight pics…

We went to the Outer Banks…here’s Sammi…
blog_this SammiIMG_0541
Quite a perfect somersault isn’t it? No, she is not yet in gymnastics…that’s a whole ‘nother post…(stay tuned)
Nicki and Uncle Josh..
Kinda blurry….but best I have of these three!
Missy and Thad…!
More to come from this trip….just a start….
Glad I posted…been so long! :)

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