Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Pics

Me: "Nope, no-way, no more chocolate, no more jelly-beans, no more sugar, no more no more of the white refined drug that makes you more hyper and wackier than you two typically are..Remember, I'm solo this weekend...Your father is off on a 5-day 'guys-only' ski trip and I'm left to fend on my own.."

Sammi talking to herself: "Um, yep, sure, um whatever, Mommy. All I have to do is go find Jessie or Kelsey...they'll give us all the Easter candy we want....., right, Nicki?"

Nicki: "Hah, we don't even need Jessie and Kelsey... I'll show you where Mom hid the baskets from us.....they are right behind the grill...."

While Ed was on a five-day ski trip with our best buddy, Bob (yes, over Easter....and yes, I'm the one who really encouraged him to go and take his first break since China with a bunch of guys ...), the girls and I spent Easter Day with the Schmitz family. In fact, we (both families) have been spending more Easter and T'Giving Holidays than not over the last 14 years. It was great fun as usual...we went to Mass, then back over to Col's to hang-out and have Easter Dinner.

Starting from left, Jessie, Sammi, Nicki, and Kelsey

Sammi with the ladybug headgear on :)

They really enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt (once again in Col's backyard). Kelsey and Jessie did a great job stuffing the eggs and hiding them all throughout the yard. Some of the eggs were stuffed with goldfish and graham crackers (good...good) and then another set of eggs (the ones that had my name written on the outside) were stuffed with chocolate and jelly beans. Um...guess which eggs the little girls appreciated the most....?!

Nicki on Col's lap; Sammi standing..
We truly did have a fun day....the girls even napped for a bit and we had a big Easter dinner with all our year-after-year vegetarian (for me) and non-vegatarian dishes: cauliflower with cumin and cheese, stuffed zucchinis, sweet potatoe casserole, some ham thing-y, and of course, pie pie pie!. Didn't have Ed's famous mashed potatoes or dill-carrots since he was not there but we'll catch that next time 'round at Thanksgiving.....



Rony said...

Oh, Cindy they look beautiful. You look beautiful. I love their little ladybug head bands. Where did you find them?!?!? We didn't do the easter egg hunt and not because I'm a mean mom... but because didn't think it would be fair for little Katie being alergic to wheat, eggs, and milk!!! No eggs and NO CHOCOLATE!!!

Home still celebrating our 2 years as a family.

Love you.


Leslie said...

They look so precious in the Easter dresses and sweaters! Sounds like you had a nice Easter. It was great talking the other night. Let's talk again soon. Love and hugs and kisses...

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the pictures..
The girls are sooo pretty..
Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time..
How could you not have a Great Time with those two..
Have a Great Week..